Brodie Collection Services have been providing high quality debt collection services to its clients since 1993. We provide debt collection services from our Melbourne and Brisbane offices.We specialise in debt collection & recovery, credit risk management and legal support services. We have extensive experience in undertaking ASIC searches so you can extend credit to your customers with more confidence.

Our business debt collection services include:

  • Quality debt collection services
  • Commercial debt recovery services

We provide debt collection services on a no collection, no fee basis. Within 48 hours of receiving information on an outstanding debt (including supporting documentation) a personal demand is made.

We seek to resolve any disputes and get the debt payment made as quickly as possible by the debtor. If the debt remains unpaid we continue action against the debtor for a period of up to 3 weeks.

If the debt remains unpaid after 3 weeks we will initiate legal action with your authorisation. The complaint is then filed with the Magistrate’s Court and judgement by default is filed within 21 days of the complaint being served, conditional on no defence being received by the defendant.

When the debt is paid , we remit your portion within 7 days of the funds clearing our trust account.

At every stage of the debt collection process we remain in constant contact with our client – so you know you can trust us with all your debt collection needs.

Our credit risk management solutions include:

  • ASIC company and business name searches and reports
  • Credit scoring and risk management
  • Credit Application and Guarantee templates

ASIC Company Search

If you are tired of dealing with bad debtors and the cost of collecting debts is eating into your margins you need to consider using ASIC reports on company and business names. ASIC company searches start from a low $46.50 and are a quick and reliable way to verify the identity and credit status of a company before extending credit.
ASIC reports provide valuable information about a company, such as:

ASIC logo and how to use ASIC searches to avoid bad debts

  • StructureAddress
  • Directors
  • Shareholder Details
  • Registered Securities
  • Charge over the assets of the company
  • External Administration Details

Credit Application and Guarantee Templates

Brodie Collection Services provide Credit Application and Guarantee templates that can be tailored to your business for a low $120.00 (plus GST). These forms help setting up your company's debt collection policies and make it safer when your business lends credit.

Our legal support services include:

Brodie - judges hammer etc - 1080Mediation services

We act as an intermediary agent for the purpose of resolving a dispute. This alternative action can get your debt paid without expensive litigation in Court.

Legal services

Our in house legal action provides a total cost effective solution and is initiated only with your authorisation. Not only do our solicitors initiate legal proceedings but they execute the judgement afterwards. They are thorough in their approach and bring the full ramification of the non-payment to bear against the debtor.

What is the Real Cost of a Bad Debt?

It is a common scenario. You have tried to chase a debt but are getting to a point where you think it might be easier to just write it off. You think to yourself there is no point in wasting more time – so you make the decision to ‘cut your losses’ and just write the debt off. But did you know the actual cost of a debt is much higher than the amount you have written off? In fact, that $5,000 debt could cost your business $50,000 (or even more) and that is not even taking into account the costs in trying to collect the debt. The simple examples below highlight how expensive a bad debt can be: EXAMPLE 1 … Continue Reading →