Make A Payment

Paying a Debt or Invoice

If you wish to pay an outstanding debt, simply do an electronic transfer or send a cheque for the required amount. Be sure to include your reference number in either case.

Paying for ASIC Search Services

If you have requested an ASIC search, please pay $46.30 by one of the payment options below.

When asked for a reference number simply use your telephone number. We will on receipt of payment from you send by email a paid invoice and the results of the company/business search.

Bank Transfer
Brodie Collection Services VIC Pty Ltd
Trust Account
B.S.B. 013 250
Account: 4910 36744
Bank: ANZ
NOTE: Please quote your reference number with payment

Alternatively, you may send a cheque to the following address:
Brodie Collection Services
P.O. Box 420
Hawthorn Victoria 3122
NOTE: Please quote your reference number with payment

Thank you for your business!

The Essentials of Credit Application Forms

The Essentials of Credit Application Forms

It might sound familiar.  You are busy growing your business.  You get a new customer (the biggest one yet).  They place a large order and promise to pay you within 30 days.  Six months later you are still chasing the debt and all your focus has been taken away from growing your business.  It has become a struggle to stay afloat and pay your own creditors.  At this stage you need to consider hiring a professional debt collection firm – but what could you have done to prevent this from happening in the first place? The starting point is to have documented policy and procedures in place for all customers who request a credit facility from you.  Ensure that your … Continue Reading →